Monday, 28 May 2012

Dear Phil DeFranco,

They used to say news can be only be true if it’s broadcasted on Television, that news seen online is wrong and completely made up. Every day of the week, you combat that and make Internet history as you provide every view to every kind of story. You bring the world the gaming, the movie, the criminal and the sexy news to the Nation, which most people would not be aware of without you’re efforts. You bring us more information than we would dare consume or look up ourselves and with the spirit of a roaring fire (you are fierce, warm and inviting) you deliver important shared knowledge to us in an enjoyable manner that makes us wait eagerly at our screens for your PDS to finally arrive on our YouTube Subscription pages. You truly have captured the Nation.

I started watching you within the last 2 years, and you have really brought my attention to the bigger picture. As I am a teen, I was never motivated enough to search news websites for stories that were not yet viral or well known, but now on at the age of 17, I am more aware of the world because of you. You make me inspired to be more invested and interested in the stories and news of the world. I am fairly certain that without watching your videos and SourceFed, I would be much less knowledgeable then I am today, which I am forever grateful for. Now that I think about it, not only am I more cultured but my friends and family are too. As I usually talk to my companions after watching either one of the SourceFed videos or one of the PDS’, I spread the word about the stories that I hear, and my amigo’s  usually have had no idea about the issue I’ve told them about. Knowing that many people are ignorant to a big chunk of the world, it makes me appreciate you even more, because you strive to get stories to people and phil people in on issues that need to be heard while also providing super happy fun time news that will brighten our day.

Speaking of the SourceFed team, I’d like to applaud you and them on a job well done. Seeing and hearing the stories and the humour in each video make me want Monday to end even more than I already do, so that I can jump onto my computer to watch the first story of the day. Lee Newton, Elliott Morgan, Joe Bereta, Steve Zaragoza and Trisha Hershberger are very awesome hosts that bring the new into news. They provide every possible option for a view on the stories and are able to make them fun and enjoyable to watch.  So thank you for creating such a channel that can deliver us more stories as they happen or as the team sees fit. I can’t believe it’s only been 5 months since you uploaded the first video introducing. Since then SourceFed has engaged over 103,717,617 views and 416,553 subscribers, which is particularly amazing that you could reach so many people in such a short amount of time.

I’d also like to take the time to wish your father the best in finding a live Kidney donor. I wished to help out by getting tested but sadly I am to young and not an American citizen.  Regardless I will be hoping the whole ordeal goes well.
You have made an impact on the world and I hope you keep doing so. You are truly a modern leader and an inspiration to many.  If you did read this thanks for taking the time to read my appreciation for you and what you do.

You had me from “Sup’ Nation”.

Susie Lythgoe-Ellis (17)
Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada

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